Opinion after played 6 games in div 5 of Germany


Thank you for coming back to my blog.

I’m gonna talk about soccer of div 5 in Germany, and also I’m used to get playing there. 

Simply say personally result, 2 goal in 6 games.

I never satisfied with it but it’s not bad.

Let’s get start it.

My frank opinion about German football

I’ve been played football in Japan, Australia, now I’m playing in Germany. My frank opinion is more intensity, especially speed and physical. I felt big different about these things.

I don’t think I’m not poor ball skill cause my strong point is ball skill anyway lol.

It’s pretty hard in the midfield on the pitch. I lost the ball if I decide for late a little bit. It’s like more physically. But it’s great environmental for me to grow up my soccer skill cause I am not physical player you know.

I get used to play it that play style, and I play better than beginning. I feel many time that I’m not enough but I’ll keep doing what I should do every single day for getting result in Germany.

Personal result and team result

I scored 2 goals on 6 games in my personal result as I said begin of this content. We were bottom two on the table in the beginning of second season, and at the time we are on the bottom four on the table. It was just a little bit improved. But it’s nothing change that we still in the relegation zone, so all we need is win every single game.

This is my goal that I score more than ten goal for half season. I have to score at least eight on eleven games. If I score, we will be win. It’s really simple.

But now I’m get used to play it now. Honestly, I was really struggling at the beginning.

Stress of when I was beginning of the club

I was really struggling when I was beginning of the club as I said. To be honest, I didn’t the player that coach imagined. It’s not that problem that if I get used to play or not, simply I was not enough l.

I didn’t worry about it cause I understand how I play for fitting team. But my beginning of the club is that I play was shit.

Coach let me played for 90min in pre-season but I was not enough for leading team to forward. I mean It didn’t change it if I play or not. It’s not wrong this is the fact, this is my ability.

I admitted that I’m not enough and I’ll be hard work rather than showing skill you know. So I played hard work in training. I always back to basics if I couldn’t do it well. I’m thinking that what I am wrong, and ask by myself, not the other thing. Cause problem is always in my inside.

It started the league, and I played from 55mins in the first game for me.

To be honest, I was really frustrated. Because I’ve played all the game from beginning without one game, but I didn’t play from beginning at the game. I thought why don’t you use me but I have to show them result as a person. Because it makes change everything they watch me after scored. I have experience from Australia.

The second game, I played from the beginning. The coach talk to me after trading before game day, that you will play from beginning cause you were playing good training this week.

I was feeling that this is the result that I’ve played hard.

From the game, I’ve been played from beginning, and come out half, played full or something Iike this. And my condition was getting better, fitting team.

As a result, two goals on the six games. I’m not satisfied with it, so I’ll keep playing hard and focus on result.

About next season

I got offer about next year from currently team. I really happy with it cause they me. But I was not sure if I stay or not at that time. And I’ve talked with them for 3weeks about detail on the contract, then I decided that I’ll play currently team next season.

I was really thinking if I stay or leave. Cause we are playing at div5 but we are in the relegation competition. It’s possible that we will be relegation.

But my answer is really simple, that we will be stay div5 if I scored, we will be relegation if I won’t score. That’s it.

So my decision is that I’ll play next year currently team with believing them and myself

They look short term but they said that we need your play. I have responsibilities for winning. And I’ll play with determination.


There are 6 team be relegation from div5 this year cause of Covid-19 last year. I’ll get result as personally and get result as a team, which will be stay div5.

I’ll keep writing blog, I’m happy with reading blog. 

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