What is the different between vegan and vegetarian

Hello guys, welcome back to my blog. 

Today I’m gonna talk about different between vegan and vegetarian, which I try to be now. (I’m not completely yet)

Simply speaking, the different is if you eat meat or not.

Let’s get start it.

What is Vegetarian 

Vegetarian is person who don’t eat meat as simply say. Someone eats egg, milk which is from animals and seafood.

But vegetarian is very complicated, I mean there is a lot of kind of vegetarians.

Kind of vegetarian

•Lacto vegetarian

•Lacto ovo vegetarian

•Pesco vegetarian

•Pollo vegetarian

And so on…

There are many differences between them, which don’t eat meat but eat fishes, which don’t eat meat but eat eggs, which don’t eat meat and eggs but eat cheese, milk like this products from animals.

What is Vegan

Vegan is person who completely don’t eat product from animals and all they eat is product from plant based, which is cereals, beans, vegetables and so on. We call vegan who they don’t even eat fishes, eggs, normal milk. 

I’m trying to be vegan now as a experiment and challenge but I eat cheese with pasta, on the pizza. And sometimes I eat chocolate. 

In that case, if I couldn’t find vegan menu in the restaurants, in the supermarket. At home, I completely vegan now. But if I’m completely vegan, I don’t eat in that case lol.

I haven’t even eaten meat for two month. And also I haven’t eaten eggs and I’d like to drink coffee with vegan milk like almond milk, oats milk.

It’s pretty hard to be vegan more than I thought, I have to care about a lot of stuff when I eat.

For example, chocolates and cakes that we love has eggs, milk. I impressed that I can’t eat food as normal without some idea.

Currently my vegan challenge

I have some of reason that I’m trying to be vegan

•what makes me change as a athlete 

•it’s change my dairy life with vegan diet

I really think that it’s gonna change a lot of thing at the moment. Cause I stop to eat meat that I’ve been eaten for 22 years and start to eat only plant based food.

But actually, beef, pork, Chicken, that we are eating, are also nourish with eating beans, cereals, vegetables. What I thought is that the body built from what we eat. Otherwise we eat them that nutritions which were absorbed and disassembled by animal.

That’s why in the philosophy I suggest to eat plant based food directly from my searched.


How about the vegan and the different between vegan and vegetarian. I’m trying to be vegan now but I’m still vegetarian.

I have to think about food with caring about what I eat.

But there are a lot of information about vegan, vegetarian from religion. I really think that we need decisions that we need for our purpose.

I realized that It’s really herd to be vegan more than I though after I decided to start. There are any redistrict, and I eat food with thinking every single stuff. And it’s keep feeling empty of stomach if I’m not enough of calorie.

But I’m really sure that there are many merits after used to do it. 

I’ll keep working on that, so I’ll sharing my experience.

Let’s try it if you interesting with it.