Story till sign with club – Germany football – Part3

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This part is end of the story. So you have to read till the end.

The part is continuing from train was cancelled, and what I did is…

Let’s get start it.

Took the taxi 

I took a taxi from station to ground. The way that it takes about 45min by train is sooo long. I’m not sure how much it will be cost. But I have to get the ground for contract. Cause you know I don’t have time…

And normally taxi is very expensive. And I didn’t know what it’s average for rating in Germany.

I wanted to make sure cost at the every single sec. But I couldn’t find the mater. I was really scared. 

And when I got ground, I was gonna pay for this. Do you know how much was it?


Then I found mater after paid. Look at the picture.

I really hate taxi cause of expensive but it was very fast and comfy lol

I got there 10min late but it’s not that late. So no problem without money…

First meet with them

Then I was into the club house, everyone welcome to me well, i’m feeling really well. It means everyone is so friendly with me.

But I didn’t who that are, especially how they play football. I talked with coach on the chat where I’m gonna play at, how long I’m gonna play, or something like this. All I need to play is attacking like assist and score.

It was about to start match, I’m playing at central midfield. I was really focus on how I play. I thought it doesn’t matter how they play it. If I show then how I play, I will contract with them, that’s it.

In the fact, I was really struggling actually. Cause it was big different how they play with the other club. I didn’t fit with them as a central midfielder. But where I want to play at is No.10. So I told coach about it before that day. So I played as No.10 from second half.

Second half

All I was thinking is score. But I couldn’t. And I didn’t touch the ball too much. And also we lost 0-3. This is the worst things as me and team. Actually i couldn’t give them anything in the pitch. 

I thought I can’t sign with them at that time. And I talked with coach after match. He said  what do you need in contract, I was like eh? You know I didn’t think that I played enough for contract, but they said like that.

I was confused and but it’s happy. 

After I told him what I need, what I want, then he said let’s talk more details tomorrow after the game. At that time, I really thought that I have to show them more on the pitch tomorrow. 

Cause I really thought I didn’t deserve this.

Finally sign with the club

I played on next day, my play was actually good, and I played 90mins. It’s been long time that I play two full game on two days since I was in high school. After that, I talked with coach and owner, then, finally sign with them.

Actually I didn’t have time till window close. I mean that day is last day till windows close. So I signed with contract with wearing uniform on the pitch lol.

After that, the coach told me like I’ll give you the chance. It’s so heavy for me at that time. It means, he didn’t satisfied me. But I have confidence to help them a lot. Cause they were in the bottom on the table. I was really excited that situation. It’s gonna be improving after I joined, this is my value. I really like kind of that situation.

All I need is score and win. This is my responsibility. If we lost, it’s my responsibility. But I have confidence.

This is end of the story

This is end of the story of mine till sign with contract club in Germany. In the fact, I ask the some coach who managing a team I joined this term said that the club I signed is the baddest team in the league, but I trust my decision and I’ll be right decision of the decision. Right way is what I choose way, I’ll be the way. 

Let’s see how I’ll going with that team.

I’ll write soon about recent update. And thank you for anyone who supporting me, reading till the end, I really appreciate it.

See you later