Story till sign with club – Germany football – Part1

Hello everyone,  how’s going?

I have to tell you something that I signed with club which is div5 at Germany league.


So, I’m gonna talking about that story today. 

Let’s get start it.

3 weeks till sign with club

I arrived at Germany at 8th January. The day I signed with it is 30th January. So, I needed the time like 3 weeks to got sign with some club.There are a lot of story I hav, which is funny sometimes, good experience, scaring, crazy or something like this.

So I’ll tell you the story from zero.

And you can find something to find club by yourself If you read all of my story. It must be help your challenge, what you should prepare, what you should care about or whatever you need.

Join the training of first team

I joined the training of first team after I arrived at Germany, which is div5 mid on the table in the league. In the fact, the training for me was really ridiculous actually cause I really had jet lag. 

I’ve contacted with the team before I came here like 1 month ago. So I was let them know when I can go on training. And then I was gonna join the training.

I wanted to sign with the team as soon as I could. But my play was so bad first day. After training, I was talking with coach about contract with translator. I was like I want to come next training and I wanna know if I can sign with you, you want me to play for them. And he was like I’ll give you for one week, and we have game this weekend. So after that, we can talk about it.

Then I got one week to get chance of sign with them. The week nothing serious stories, just training. Let’s jump to weekend.

And we talked about contract with coach. He said we can offer for you with some money but not too much cause this is winter market. And I was like I don’t wanna sign with the contract details, so if you can’t pay more, I’ll try to find other club, but I’ll back to here if I won’t find other club. 

And they said okay.

This time is actually 15th January.

Yes, that’s the winter market like what I transfer from abroad in half season. The situation is very difficult for international transfer. But i had a contract with some team and I though some club can pay me more than the first club. Which mean, others will assess me as a footballer.

Found second team

I was keep contacting the other club actually while join training of first team. That’s why I could refuse the offer from first team.

But there was problem…

They already signed with other player who compared with me while I went other club, when I was gonna come training for second team. I was like oh my god… what should I do. I was really confused. But I didn’t have time till close the market.

Then I was keep trying to find club to join training as soon as I could. It mean, I didn’t have team to join training. So I almost spent time with training by myself for 4 or 5 days.

One day, I got massage from stranger. Like “Hey Masaya, we got your CV with play video on our contact form. it’s bra bra bra… I really interesting to you. If you want to come trading with us, you can come to training tomorrow.”

Yes, some club, which I sent my details, found it from contact form of club contact. And replied me. I was really happy with it. I thought it doesn’t work to send to contact form. But it’s worked!!! So I could join the team which is second team for me.

This time is 22th January.

Then first time at the club, I’m feeling really better than first club. They played football like what I want. It mean, I have confidence that I’ll really fit the football of team.

And they really assessed me as a footballer at the first time of seeing me. I thought I couldn’t think to miss this opportunity. After joined training for 2day,I talked with the coach and sub coach. They asked me how much do you need? And I was like I need money to live here at least. And they said okay, I’ll tell manager to how much he can pay for him. And then we were about to talked next day after training. So, in that time we talked, all I knew is what I can sign with the team, and what I get some money that I want.

In the next day, I asked them, how was chat with manager? They’re like sorry, we couldn’t talked with him. So let us give time till the Friday(at the time is Wednesday).

I didn’t know what they couldn’t talk with them. Actually I was really rush. Cause I didn’t have time till the close market. But all I could do is just wait for the answer which I can sign with them.

At the Friday morning, I didn’t wanna do same thing again, so I contacted to him like did you talk with him. And he was like, from 11am, I’ll talk with him, let you know shortly. Then after 10min, they said sorry for late replying, we can’t offer with some money for you. 

Miss contract with second team

Oh my goodness….

They call me come to training but they can’t offer to me?! I really didn’t understand, really for sure.

And then he said I can organize other club which is more higher in same league and they also interesting to you. The coach is my friend and I’m a soccer consulting.

I was confused but he could do that, it’s really good thing for me. Can go to higher level, can get more improve.  So it was what I’ll go to the third club which was organized by coach. 

4 days left till close market…

To be continuing for part2

This is the story.

The story has part3, just looking forward to next story.

And please tell it you again, only 4 days left till close market.