What I want you to ask yourself

What I want you to ask yourself is “what are you doing

What is your answer?

My answer is “enjoying life”. I’m keep following my dream which will be football player since I was child.

But me like not my imagine when I was young, which is not amazing, not beautiful, not like that imagination, I’m try to get really hard to closer my imaginations when I was child.

I actually on way which isn’t normal.

So i don’t know why, but suddenly, I went to Australia after two month since I’ve decided to go to abroad to play football with stopped go to uni, and after two years, I went to Germany.

But it’s really fun, and I’m enjoying now.

That’s my life. I couldn’t gave up for my cream what I want, and still I’m keep holding what I want.

But it’s fun, and I’m enjoying everyday.

I had some questions from someone like my friend cause I’m on like that life. 

For example, “what will you do in the future?”, “after quit playing football?”, “do you graduate uni?”  or something like that.

All I can say is “I don’t know”. It is what it is. What I don’t know is that I don’t know.

I don’t know about in my future cause I don’t know that it’s gonna be happens tomorrow. And also I don’t know what I will be something one year later. That’s why I always answer like I don’t know and If it happens, it happens.

But as view from opposite way, I’m focus on something as much as I can.

All I said aside, I want to tell you something. That’s why I’m writing while back to Japan from Australia.(04/Dec/2021)

From here, I want to tell you who challenge for something.

This is coronavirus which became one of the biggest subject of communication, part of our life.

All I want to say is 

“Have you escaped from what you want to do as an excuse?”

  • can’t go abroad for learning language by Covid 
  • Cause stopped by parents
  • Cause start working for company
  • Cause around me doing like this
  • Cause I never do like that 
  • Cause I don’t know it’s gonna be happens 

And so on….

Not only coronavirus, but also any excuse like other thing without you. Have you escaped from what you want to do as excuse like that.

Not only coronavirus but the virus make you escape from challenge.

Can you imagine.

We are shocked and really confused by coronavirus which human never heard 2 years ago. There was lockdown, regulation like couldn’t over boarder or something like this. It has been 2 years, you, who escaped from what you want to do as excuse, couldn’t  change anything, could do?

You was gonna do what you want to do if it’s finish after pandemic, but I don’t think you could change. Wii go abroad to learn language after finish pandemic, go to travel after finish pandemic, bra bra bra….

This is the bad habit of person who escape as excuse, who give up what you want, who quit what you think about anything.

One of my friend went to UK for learning language while pandemic, someone go to other country which has strong regulation. I think from the things, If you try to get to purpose what you want, you can get it.

I know there are a lot of person who have to give up what you want to do. I understand it. But that doesn’t make you stop for completely. It’s just a little bit or really huge  change the load to get purpose.

What are you doing now?

I ask you the question again, 

“What are you doing now?”

Do ask yourself that question.

I’m sure what you realize something.

And your life is not only yours for sure. We have to care of your body for yourself. But the life your parents gave you is that I don’t want to waste of time. This is present for our parents I reckon.

I’m not saying serious like this, but I’m writing my thinking cause I’m really thinking and feeling about it after finish life of Australian for 2 years while back to Japan.

In the last part, I ask you. What are you doing now?