Life is short

I think that Life is short. It’s already middle of February when i was realize. It’s feel like that i celebrated for new year yesterday.

and i decided to something what i would like to do this year, what i want to reach.

Now, how long have you been able to continue for the decision?

Do you always have goals which you decided end of year on your mind?

I think I understand my personality, so I’ve been doing on some things since before the new year.

Even if I say to start on January 1st of the new year, that January 1st for me will never come lol.

I’m working on as a new habit,

  • Stretching and core training before bed every day
  • Work out for legs
  • 5 meals a day

I’m trying to do these as much as possible.

It’s basically a habit for football.

When I thought about my New Year’s goals at the end of the year, I thought about a lot of things.

“Why did i go to Australia?”

“Why did i come to Germany from Australia?”

“What did i say in Japan and Australia to come to Germany?”

After all, it’s for football.

I realized in 2022 that i was not enough for goals, so I forced myself and to go to the gym more often and added more things in my lifestyle that would benefit football. (Even if I know I’m a little overworked…)

I wanted to strengthen my lower body, so I did lower body training and plyometrics about 3 times a week.

The squat goal is to squat at least 120 kg or more.

But, I injured my hamstring during the preseason.

I was completely healed in about a week.

Injury aside, luckily, a nearby third-division team was playing a league match during that injury.

With 19,200 spectators, this is the excitement.

To be honest, I got goosebumps at this excitement in Germany’s third division.

I want to be here.

Will do it here.

Be always in mind this goal and keep doing it and work hard.

One game can change my life, so I always keep improving.

You’re on a different stage, but if you have something to aim for, let’s do it together.