How am i doing After End of season 2022/23

It’s already past for 1 and harf year since I came Germany. I’ve been played football in Germany for that year.

Today, I’m gonna write how about this season and how am I going.

First of all, I’ll write fron how was this season.

This was 2022/23

I can say that it’s like It wasn’t going well actually.

As number, 2 goal and 4 assist.

This is the result that I missed a lot of opportunity

I played all games apart from these game which i couldn’t play because I took off wisdom teeth lol. Half of First Season, I’ve played as starting member. But second of half season, I played from second half or from starting like unstable.

Our coach was quit after finish first half season because we couldn’t make good results. So we had new Coach from second half season.

The 3 or 4 games from beginning, he let me played from starting but he took me out from starting after 4games. Because I missed a lot of opportunity…

I’m really uncomfortable with this feeling. But this is what I did. It’s really frustrating. But I had to keep hard working. If I played half time, 20min end of game or something like this, I just tried to run and fight. I thought that’s all I can do for the team.

We were really sensitive because We were in competition for relegation. Especially, alter we lost 1-5…, like funeral.

As result, we could stay in the league without relegated. So it was okay but it was really shamed on me as personal.

Now, i’m looking for nee Club for next season. As I decided beginning of this year, I’ll take risk and do challenges. So I’m really struggling to get opportunities lol.

I’ll regret it if I wouldn’t try to go upper level. So I’ll try my best in the end.

I had Visa for three years👍

Anyway, I had really a good result that I got “Visa”. Basically, it’s difficult to get Visa for us who came from overseas.

But in my case, I got visa for 3years in one time!!

I asked others, everyone said you are so lucky.

Because we have contract of employees. We usually work for company for half year as trail who can quit whenever they want, owner can get them fire whenever they want. Basically we can get visa for half year, and then we have to apply to stay Ionger again. This is common.

But I had Visa for three years. I am so lucky🤞

This Visa is work visa.

I’m working for company of German owner, which is taiyaki shop, which like Japanese cafe.

It’s not easy.

Have to work 170h a month

As Condition of work visa, I have to get money which is more than 1500€ minimum.

So, I had to be official employee who have to work 170h a month. That’s why I’m working 170h a month.

It makes me really going crazy lol.

Everyone ask me why am I working like this too much. I was like everything is fit Football.

It was okay on Season. But I only work for company without playing football in off season, and I was like why am I working so much lol.

But this is my decision, and everything that I have has meaning, so I’m doing it with positive.

People are influenced easy

I’ve taking and seeing a lot of kind of people during I’m working for the company.

Then I realized that ”people are influenced easy”

I’m feeling like people are going to be similar or same in same environments. Without notice…

It remind me that it’s important who is with around me.

I think Affer came here, German doesn’t have a lot of smile. I can say a bit of sad. This is actually similar to Japanese.

I really feel that big difference cause I was in Australia for 2 and half year.

But people who came from japan to Germany directly feel like comfortable with it which similar people and better salary.

This is also reason why many Japanese people live in here for many years. That’s what I think.

So I should care keep on my eyes who I am and I won’t use to it, I’ll keep reminding why I am here.

Back to the topic, I think people are really influenced easy by people and environment.

It’s really important for me where I am, who is with around me.


This is how I am doing.

I’ll keep working for Football and I’ll get results that I would

Football and working 170h, I’ll do that both.

Can’t do something, don’t do anything, which is excuse at all
I’ll write blog constantly as well see ya next one🤞