New club for new season!! Signed with Oberliga(5th div)

Hello guys, it’s been a while since I wrote blog last time. I’ll writing new contents because I could get sign with new club for new season.

The club that I signed contract with is 1.FC Kleve in Oberliga , which is 5th division in Germany

But it’s just beginning point. I’ll do competition with team mate for position, which I’ll start from bottom of bottom.

Let’s write details until signed.

6th div to 5th div

I played in 5th div in first half season in Germany, at second year was 6th, because I stayed same club as first year which was rerigeito, and I’ll play in 5th div.

That I’ve thought last season was why I’m playing in 6th div even though I came here for football and that’s not what I should do. I’ve played not that best whole season.

I want to play in 5th div but it doesn’t deserve it absolutely. I wanted to say excuse which is to others. Eventually everything is me, focus on myself.

I decided that I will sign with 5th div in last season even if it’s almost impossible.

But I couldn’t get any contact with club in 5th div, which means I couldn’t go to trial.

But I didn’t gave up. Because I regretted one thing from last year.

[i didn’t do challenge, I did protect me in safety zone.]

This is the problem if I stayed same club or not. I choose easy way which I stayed club even though I came here for football. I didn’t looking for club in 5th div.

That’s what I’ve regretted whole year.

So i tried to go trial with contacting my friend of friend, sports director, and all people who i know

Challenge like a gamble

The club that I signed is from mid to hight in the table in 5div. But I played for club which was bottom of 6th div.

Normally it’s really gamble challenge. I would say it was a almost impossible.

But I did hard work as much as i could because I didn’t want to finish without doing nothing.

I didn’t have good feeling at first training. I felt like it’s really hard to sign with them.

I could play as i wanted like my style. But they wanted player to play the other ways. But they are not looking for midfielders which I play…

It was everything changed by friendly match on the weekend.

I thought that it will be end if I get result in the match.

Of course I was on the bench because I was a trial player. And they said I’ll play from second half but they said you will play in the winger Because we have full of mid player…

When they said that, i was like it is that…

Anyway I had to make a result as goal or assist. I tried to play my best as much as i could

And it came time to show my play. I scored first touch in the second half.

It was so lucky, really lucky.

I played really well while game with 2goal and 1 assist. It was amazing result that I could do.

On the half of game, the coach told me that I play in mid. I had feelings well.

But they don’t need player who play in middle.That was all I worries

I talked with Costco after match, he said i want to talk with sports director and other stuff and I’ll call you later.

And they wrote me massage.

We will sign with you in over90%. We want to see you another week.

I was like i made it!!

And I scored again next game, and then i got sign with them.

Take a risk or miss opportunities

I’ve regretted to not take a risk last year like i said. That’s why I decided that I will take risk and challenge. I’m so happy because I made it as i said, as i wanted

I came here for football so I’ll try my best as much as possible.

But the point is that it takes 1,5h or 2h by train to get club. As normally, it really waste of time. But I decided to take a risk for it, to spend time for it.

My life style lately is

  • 7am wake up
  • 8am take train to go work
  • 9am to 4:30pm work
  • 4:38pm take train to go training
  • 7pm start training
  • 9:24pm take train to go back home
  • 11:15pm get home
  • Cook and dinner
  • 1am sleep

Like this. I actually stay home only sleeping time. I’m sleepy everyday, always I slept on the train lol. I want to lying on the bed whole day.

But I’m patient for what I want to do. I need to sacrifice for what I want to do.

I don’t have time to go restaurant, i should cook myself for my health. Most of time I cook myself but sometimes i buy bento from supermarket.

But I’m really happy with this life Because i have something that I want to do, because I can do something that I want to do.

I’m in the bottom player in the club so far. I’ll steal my spot.


I’m really feeling like i need to sacrifice if I want to get result, if I have goal. If you do that you want and easy stuff, you can’t get result.

It will be come if I do some sacrifice for that. I really feel that. I sleep only 5-6h a day. That I keep doing that what want to do is really hard, not easy. I’ll keep doing challenge for my dream.

It make me happier than the others a

See you next contents