Stop eating meat! Reason of trying to be vegan


Today, I’m gonna talk about reason of trying to be vegan.

I really love meat, more than love. Also now lol. I usually went to restaurant of Japanese style bbq when I’m student of uni. And also when i was cooking at home, I always cooked meat like pork, cabbage, onion with some sause, which is one of the best combo with rice.

I who love meat a lot will talk about reason of trying to be vegan.

This content i’m gonna talk is range of my knowledge, so you don’t trust 100% lol. Please tell me on the comment if I am wrong.

Let’s get start it. 


The risk of eating meats

 The reason of trying to be vegan is that I knew the risk of eating meats. I realized that there are many risks of eating meats as my search. I’ll show you the reason which one of the biggest and also the most delicious.

The reason is that it’s gonna be impair of blood flow. What we absorb animal food makes change our intestinal flora, which bacteria living in the intestine are solidified for each bacterial species and impair to the wall in the intestine. As result, it becomes inflamed, infested with bacterial species, and produces the inflammatory mediator TMAO, an endogenous substance that causes and maintains inflammation in the body. This inflammation makes the blood in the arteries cloudy, impairs blood flow, and increases pain in muscles and joints. Not only increasing pain but also make slower recovery of muscles which most important for athlete.

On the other hand, plant based food has rich minerals, vitamins, and it makes clean out stomach. And we can improving our blood flow and physical ability. Otherwise most of the people says, vegetables and fruits which is plant based food are treasure of antibacterial substance. According to some search, its quantity of including is 64 times higher than that of animal foods on average. Even that lettuce is richer than salmon and eggs.

Reason of starting to be vegan 

When I was student of uni, I was trying to be more healthier, to be gain and something like this how I should eat. But I didn’t have option which I don’t eat mean like animal food. All I thought is meat with more vegetables, thinking balance and so on.

But the movie made my mind change completely, which call “The Game Changer”. This movie is the point of turning to be vegan when I watched in Australia. They don’t even have philosophy from religion, they simply tell us how vegan make us change.

I want you to watch it for real.

The data i can’t believe

I think we have to eat protein in the meal. I’ll talk from view of athlete cause I’m playing football.

Our muscles can’t gain without taking protein. I used to eat protein from mean. that’s all I thought.

But I knew the fact that “beef of 85g” or “three eggs” of protein equals put “peanuts butter on two toast” or “beans of one cup” of protein. I got shocked it when I knew it. But if the fact is true, I clearly realized plant based food has protein more than animal food.

And then I searched about protein of plant based food, there are a lot of food which has high protein. For example, nuts, quinoa, chickpeas, spinach and so on. They are really high protein.

Otherwise I stopped to eat meat, I started to take protein from plant based food.

Cows, pigs and birds also eat plant based food

Please be thinking. Cows, pigs birds that we usually eat are eating plant based food.

Meats that we are eating with thinking they are rich protein are also eating plant based food. Animals including human were built by food they eat.

Otherwise, if we eat plant based food directly, we can take more nutritious. Now, we are taking nutritions which were absorbed by animal.

Otherwise, I are eating plant based food via animals.

This the one of the reason why I started to be vegan.


It’s not wrong that we can gain muscles with eating meat but we should be have doubt with common sense.

It makes impair our blood flow after eating meats, it makes us slower our recovery, it make us interrupt to absorb other nutritions.


And you don’t have to forget that animals we are eating are growing up with eating plant based food. We are eating animals that things are connecting with human and plants.

As the view from “recovery of muscles of speed”, you can recognizing that it’s prefer to plant based food from animals food.

You should be try with some knowledge after learning about it if you are interesting with it. I’m keep doing it, so I’ll sharing that information.

Thank you for reading till the end.